The installation files are stored in a compact Setup file. Click the icon on the right and select the option to 'Save' the installer to your computer.

On Windows, the installer file will usually download to your Windows Desktop. After download double click the installer icon to install cncCoder. After the installation you'll find the easyDnc/cncCoder startup icon in your Windows "Program/Start" Menu.


instal cnc editor

cncCoder is the editor bundled with easyDnc - but you don't need easyDnc to use cncCoder

We understand that you may wish to edit CNC files on your desktop computer or laptop while your DNC software is running on a different computer 'out in the shop'.

You may therefore install cncCoder - the CNC text Editor on as many computers as you wish. The best way to do that is download the full installer package from this website and use that to install the software to other computers - you can copy the installer package to CD for installation on non-networked computers.

If you're not already using our DNC software perhaps you'd like to take a look at easyDnc ?



easyDnc - dnc software for fanuc, bridgeport, hass, sinumerik, okuma, cubotic, traub, index, pullmax, seiki, Denford Triac .... too many to mention.
Just take the free trial version and give it a try. Auto setup makes installation quick and simple.

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